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Director and Conductor
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Founder and director of Omne Musica a contemporary and rarely played music ensemble. Visit
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Creative leadership

Do you want to optimize your professional practices and your teams' efficiency, while facing of change management? Do you want to stand out from the competition? To develop skills to face the challenges of the risk taking? My conferences on the creative leadership will allow you to reach your goals in these areas.

Feminine leadership

How can we exercise leadership that allows us to express our feminine identity, our voice and our vision, when the traditional model of leadership is still the one that prevails. A mold in which we try to fit awkwardly without gains? In my conference you will be able develop a leadership model that reflects who you are as women.

Duo Mathieu - Gagnon Clarinet and organ

The clarinet, with its rich, velvety and generous tone, gracefully combines with the various sonorities of the organ to offer a musical experience that is both meditative and joyful.

Conducting teaching and coaching

Private and small group tuition, workshops and masterclass in conducting and with orchestra.


- My teaching method allows my conducting students to get immediate results. We focus on your needs and goal.

- My pedagogical coaching with orchestras shows immediate concrete results.


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Les chroniques de la Cheffe

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